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Research data, knowledge and intuition together with your strategy to identify paths for your business

Tailored research

Tailored qualitative and quantitative research to meet your needs

Relevant experience

Relevant experience in market studies, opinion polls and cultural and social scenario assessments

Transdisciplinary expertise

Expertise that connects practice and transdisciplinary knowledge.


Ana Claudia Marques, and Graziela Thompson make up AOCUBO’s body of experts in qualitative and quantitative research, an articulated network initiative that works with collaborators from different fields depending on the needs of each project.

AOCUBO has vast knowledge on consumption and mastering retail methodologies, listens attentively and can recognize critical points, opportunities, innovation and trends beginning with an overall look, with different perspectives on the object or topic of study.

We make it easier for foreign companies to understand and cooperate with the dynamics of the Brazilian market and with the codes and signs of several local social groups.

The good stories must always be well-contextualized and framed. Your brand or service is not isolated, we must understand what was said, by whom, when, where and how.

A partnership to understand people, search for answers and point out paths.

AOCUBO’s way of researching

To use consolidated knowledge on market dynamics, brands and people’s behavior to gain insight on the experiences observed, the implications for society and for business.

To dive into the complexity, understand purposes and implications.

To provide a repertoire and inspiration from the real world using a transdisciplinary approach and ethics to set decision-making in a real and contextualized setting.

To give relevant knowledge and accessible information to the client, in a direct and agile way.

To broaden the world’s outlook for decision making.

To be business intelligence partners.

To ensure quality interaction and create an environment to foster the creative and reflective potential of everyone involved in the research: consumers, corporations, organizations and researchers.

To present relevant results in a clear and visual way.

To present the market scenario to foreign companies interested in working and/or knowing Brazil.

To work partnering with international institutions, translating Brazilians’ lifestyles and way of being and the different “Brazils”.

To observe through unique and complementary techniques. Covered observation, naturalistic observation and participatory observation are three approaches used as powerful resources to discover hidden or complex issues that the rational mind is not able to decipher.

To raise consistent and accessible content about the Brazilian consumer and/or consumption and services categories that are present or want to be present in the Brazilian market.


To mapping out the setting, identify opportunities and niches and to interpret data to collect relevant information.

To indicating paths so that decisions are taken based on a real and contextualized setting.

To offering agile and efficient delivery or more complex and elaborate research based on demand and deadline.


To stiff and outdated methodologies that produce generic results.

To worn-out ideas, clichés, jargons and purification in the use of trends.

To the literal translation of data.

About us

Ana Claudia Marques

An expert in qualitative studies, Ana Claudia has been working for over 20 years in research and assessment for companies, business institutes and non-governmental organisations.

She has a degree in Social Sciences and Anthropology, and an MA degree in Reflective Social Practice from London Metropolitan University (LMU), associated to Proteus School of Reflexive Social Practice.

She is a consultant at an NGO that works with education, sustainability and family agriculture.

Graziela Thompson

Graziela Thompson

Being specialized in consumption and behavior dynamics, her more than 25 years of experience in planning and in leading the main research companies in Brazil has contributed to designs and unique and creative proposals.

Member of the executive board of ASBPM (Brazilian Association of Researches on Market, Median and Opinion) and of the board of Abep (Brazilian Association of Research Companies).

She has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA degree in Management.

Monica Dale

Over 20 years of experience with qualitative research. Combines marketing background with psychoanalysis knowledge. Very experienced with kids and teens.

Bachelor’s degree in marketing – ESPM, Post-graduation in Business Administration – FGV, and Psychoanalysis - PUC. Worked at Marketing, Unilever, was Qualitative Research Director at Research International – TNS, and served as Ipsos Exclusive Moderator. Granted an ABEP (Brazilian Research Association) Award on a Project with blind people. Winner of QRCA International Scholarship 2018.

Quantitative and qualitative research on

Quantitative & Qualitative Research


behavior, consumption, brand’s story, sustainability, luxury, education, causes


among individuals, companies, organizations and the environment


brand, product, social groups and society’s

Current picture

  • Exploratory study
  • Brand image and brand positioning
  • Market segmentation
  • Setting study
  • Themed study
  • Public study
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Package assessment
  • Point of sales assessment (POS)
  • Shopper
  • Usage and Attitude (U&A)
  • Social movement mapping
  • Desk research
  • Line Optimization
  • Covered Observation, Naturalistic Participation and Participatory Observation


  • Workshop on innovation
  • Brand and services extension
  • Development of portfolio and package
  • Brand repositioning
  • Emergency perception
  • Setting study for new social and business investments

Validation Test

  • Product test
  • Packaging test
  • Concept test
  • Communication study
  • Eye tracking


  • Satisfaction Tracking
  • Brand Tracking
  • Communication Tracking
  • Mystery Shopper

AOCUBO serves various sectors of the industry, retail and services, including the tertiary sector in the following areas:

  • Food
  • Communication
  • Hygiene and personal care
  • Home care
  • Real estate market
  • Financial sector
  • Health
  • Media
  • Fashion
  • Education
  • Public Policies
  • Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Civil construction and decoration
  • Household utensils and equipment
  • Business extension and portfolio
  • Social responsibility
  • Conscious consumption

AOCUBO also conducts specific public research concerning: gender, maturity, luxury, and social groups, among others.

Used Methodological concepts

behavior patterns that define related groups
related groups that share similar beliefs and lifestyles
moments that influence behavior and consumption patterns
Emotions and features that drive to a certain behavior
Navigating in-out
identifying opportunities resulting from an integral experience and with an unfamiliar perspective
Client involvement
encouraging your participation
From theory to practice
from 50 kg of knowledge to 50 grams of wisdom
Behavioral economics
analysis of behavior patterns that generate economic value


  • AG7 Realty
  • Basf
  • Cause
  • Maxy Strategy
  • Selmi
  • Unilever


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